When "good enough" is no longer good enough, it's time to GET A GRIP!

GET A GRIP was born out of the need for traditional sports chalks to evolve. This revolutionary liquefied grip enhancement was invented to improve on every drawback that powdered, block, and current liquid chalk products suffer from. Formulated from the ground up using only premium natural ingredients, GET A GRIP outlasts, and outperforms the competiton. GET A GRIP dries faster, provides a tackier grip, sticks to the hands better, and resists sweat like no other product available today.

Apply powdered chalk and clap your hands; enjoy a snowstorm of chalk dust. Do the same with GET A GRIP and notice the absence of chalk dust! Breathing Magnesium Carbonate isn't great, so we strove to reduce dust in our formula through a proprietary blend of binders which cling to the hand unlike any liquid chalk on the market. We succeeded in creating the world's best chalk at a reasonable price.
Do you enjoy the smell of the competition? We didn't either! GET A GRIP has a blend of natural ingredients that is uniquely scented with citrus and pigmented black that dries to white when ready, producing a bold statement with every application.  

As an athlete, you need a strong, dry grip. We agree! Now you have a product as strong as you are that won't break the bank. We think it's time you GET A GRIP!